How it started

In 2009 I started a website, called www.hobbithunter.nl. On this site you can see my private collection of  some 850 editions of the famous Tolkien book The Hobbit in or from 87 languages / countries. Plus lots of information about each of these books.

In 2010 my working life ended, I got prepension and lots of time to do other things, like starting a webshop. As a collector (since 1975) of books by and on J.R.R. Tolkien, I have many duplicates. These now are for sale.


Welcome and may I invite you to take a look at all the books by and on Tolkien? Go to Products and you might find just what you are looking for. Not in the shop? Contact me, for I have more than 2.000 duplicates, so maybe I can help you.

Henk Brassien, aka “The Hobbit Hunter”.


The covers you see on the site are scans of the items themselves. If you wish, I can send you more scans.

I do try to ensure, that my items are in good condition. Please note however, that most of the items are second hand and used. So, don’t expect perfection unless it is stated.


Dutch buyers can pay by (Rabo)bank
NL41 RABO 0112 9100 33                  H. Brassien Zwolle

From inside the European Union you can pay by bank
H. Brassien, Verhulststraat 80, 8031 EW  ZWOLLE (The Netherlands)
BIC                               RABONL2U
IBAN / SEPA             NL41 RABO 0112 9100 33

Outside the European Union / the rest of the world
Payment through PayPal only.

Further information

KvK (Chamber of Commerce) Zwolle Number 52397513 Hobbithunter Bookshop.
VAT identificationnumber (btw-identificatienummer)   NL001254328B78 H. Brassien.

Any questions? Contact me!

My telephonenumbers are
+31 38 422 3214 and
+31 6 5891 3229 (mobile)

Please, remember I live in Western Europe and I like to stay asleep at night!